Thurggin "Iron Ram" Brelgar

"I not kneel, besides the floor is dirty and these are new trousers."  –
Thurggin Brelgar

Thurggin Brelgar, known as the Iron Ram, as Twin-Maker, and Soddy-Lodders to certain circles, and was the King of Brelgar before his defeat at the hands of Queen Terralia's champion Black Barl.

Twice a widower, Thurggin has sired five children, with two pairs of twins. Of the surviving children, only Rita, Alrik, and Gannik are the only survivors.

In his youth, Thurggin traveled the north fighting for various chieftains, slaying both man and beast alike, and carving his legend into the bedrock of northern history.  Of all his tall tales, none stand as prominent as the legendary five-day battle he had with Olaf BlackForest atop the White Spire, which had no conclusive end.  Some say the canyons of White Spire have still carried the echo of their battle, which had happened twenty years since.


Thurggin "Iron Ram" Brelgar

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