"Keep an eye out, we may be trading with them now, but do not trust them. Never trust a man who is unwilling to let you into his home."
  -  Elrik Frostwyrm

Not much is known of Clan Severion save they are situated the furthest north, further than even the Blackforests.  It is there the trees begin to recede, and the land comes open to snow and immense mountains.  Holes in the soil exist, with massive geysers of scalding water stretching far into the sky.

They were the last of the clans to bend a knee to Queen Terralia, just as she was amassing a force to march on their lands, an envoy arrived, negotiating their own vassalage on their terms, and far from their own lands.  Since then, they've been loyal to Queen Terralia, though very secretive. Upon their conditions for vassalage, none of the other clans may come upon their land.

They are a small, slender bodied people, their warriors grim and terse, but possessing incredible skill. They offer fish and pelts from strange creatures foreign from the rest of the north, native only to their lands.


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