Queen Terralia

"If you marry her, Feldy, you'll be marrying all of the north! That includes me too! No pressure." – Thurggin Brelgar

Some believe Queen Terralia to be the north personified; cold, harsh, savage, and beautiful.  Her rule is just, holding strong to the traditions that have governed the north and offering rich bounty to those strong or resourceful enough to earn her favor. All those of the north either love, fear, or despise her- but all of them respect her.

Born of clan Frostwyrm, young Terralia earned her place through shrewd tactics and calculated cruelty. Though a skilled warrior, her best ability is her keen understanding of people, and appraising their worth. Through this, she was able to muster an army, claim the allegiance of powerful warriors, and forge unruly raiders into powerful warriors.

Utilizing Black Barl as he champion, she lead him in a bloody campaign that swept the north and earned her the prize she sought- the North.

Queen Terralia

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