"If someone from Cauldron offers you a drink, just pass, or chances are you'll be howling at the moon later that night.  That is, if you're not doing that already."  -  Olaf Blackforest

Blood of the soil, heat from the bosom of the sun, and the bark of the tree father was said to be the composition of the first woman of clan Cauldron, the hearth mother. Stabbed deep into the ground, a colony of northerners blossomed, garnering strength and power from the nature's bounty, and giving back to the spirits their own boon.

Druids and alchemists, clan Cauldron boasts some of the best healers and curative remedies. Though there is some worry as the nature of some of their tonics, as lasting side effects sometimes play against the bestial nature of man.

Feld Feerlynd, leader of clan Cauldron, has long held a rivalry with clan Brelgar, but their skirmishes have been held as of late with the looming wedding between Feld and queen Terralia.

As of late, most clansmen of Cauldron have been tight lipped, as more and more odd beasts have been escaping their caverns, but even worse the seismic tremors shaking their lands.


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