"That's it! I'm done! If one more damn stone smashes through my roof, I'm going to-"

"You're going to what, Harrod?"

"I'm going to, uh, write a strongly worded letter.
"  -  Harrod and Elsa Cauldron

The clan of Brelgar stands as strong and resolute as the mountain in which they've made their homes. Standing a foot taller than most men, they carry enough muscle and fat to stave off the savage bite of a higher climate's wind chill. Despite the harsh nature of their home, they refuse to leave, borrowing upon the stubborn nature of the ram in which they praise in totem.

Skilled hunters and proud warriors, the folk of Brelgar are best known for the intense physical challenges and grand hunts that they host. Their favorite past time though seems to be hurling massive boulders off the edge of their mountain, and waiting to face the enraged clans below in sportly skirmish.

Since the death of their leader Thurggin Brelgar at the hands of Black Barl, there has been much infighting between the clan members, and whispers of succession from Queen Terralia have surfaced as rumors from the conflict.



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